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Latest update: 25/05/2022 11:33:53

Wakamizu Giken Co.,Ltd.

You can count on us to meet your needs for fine groove processing rolls

We use micro groove rolls, micro bingham rolls, and concave rolls to solve the problems of slips, wrinkles, and scratches, regardless of using resin film, metal foil, or paper sheets. We can also do performance check tests of microgroove rolls and microbingham rolls with your company’s film and operating conditions. We make proposals based on our strong record of usage, including usage methods and optimal roll placement.

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Business Description
The high-speed, high-quality slitters “Mirai” 
[Development concept for inexperienced areas]
Our concept is “Make it possible to increase winding speed by 100% if the operating tension is half that of the current slitter.” We are deeply familiar with micro groove rolls, and put all the know-how of film transfer equipment and control technology we have cultivated so far into developing slitters that bring the best investment benefits. By selecting the right cutting blade, it is possible to cut any material.

[Realizing low tension, high precision winding (basic technology)]
・ Micro groove rolls (fine groove processing rolls)
・ Precise roll alignment
・ Tension setting according to transport process
・ Independent nip wind-up

[Unwinding Device Arm (UWD)]
We have adopted an original plate horizontal movement system as the movement system, and it is capable of extending in vertical directions.
Distance setting between the original plate and the first guide roll is not the horizontal distance between the original fabric outer diameter and the first guide roll, but rather is automatically controlled with respect to the original plate diameter so that the film aerial distance between rolls is kept constant.
By constantly feeding the film from the beginning to the end of winding with constant distortion, we realize a stable winding shape for the film.

[Rotary Razor Cutter (RRC)]
The cutting method uses aerial cutting with a round rotary blade.
In order to increase the stability of the cut, a backup roll of the forced drive shaft is used at a position that forms a tangential path.
The cut speed can be set to any speed ratio with respect to the line speed by running the servo motor, and it will automatically follow the line speed. The rotation direction of the cutting blade can be set to forward or reverse.
Micro groove rolls
Rolls with fine grooves evenly made on the roll surface are called microgroove rolls.
This technology is critical to manufacturing high value-added and high-performance films.
We independently develop and provide customers with processing technology for fine grooves that do not transfer, as well as groove width and edge processing technology that does not leave scratches.
Micro groove rolls stabilize the transport state online by maintaining an effective friction coefficient, which prevents wrinkles and scratches, and enables low tension transport and slip prevention.
Online transport tests
We have a permanent online handling test device made in-house.
Before purchase of a roll, we can do various tests using your workpiece, in order to check the effects.

Testable items
・ Online slip limit confirmation tests
・ Wrinkle expansion tests
・ Nip winding and winding condition confirmation tests
・ Near winding and winding condition confirmation tests
・ Nipless tension cut tests
・ Underwater transport tests

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