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Cutting edge equipment for improving the energy situation in Japan

Our company is a developer and manufacturer of storage battery systems. The main products we sell are electric power generators and accumulators that combine power generation with natural energy, such as solar power and wind power, with storage battery systems. In order to accelerate the spread of renewable energy, in addition to solar, wind and hydro power, we have developed a power generation and accumulation system which combines a methanol reforming hydrogen fuel cell system and an accumulation system (patent pending).
We will work to help improve and strengthen the energy situation in Japan by optimally controlling and using electricity generation and accumulation.

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Methanol fuel cells, mobile power supply vehicles
We have developed a mobile power supply vehicle by installing methanol fuel cells (hydrogen fuel cells) and power storage systems on trucks!!! (Patent pending)
Compared to conventional mobile power generators equipped with diesel generators, there is no noise and no harmful exhaust gas emissions.
The diluted methanol fuel has no restrictions on storage charges. By carrying a large volume of diluted methanol fuel on a mobile power generator, electricity can be generated as long as there is still fuel. This makes it possible to handle long-term power outages. Furthermore, diluted methanol fuel does not deteriorate, so it can be stored for a long time in standard containers such as metal cans and drums delivered by raw material manufacturers.
Storage battery systems made to order
We propose and manufacture (made-to-order) storage batteries with optimum capacity, as well as power conditioners with optimum performance, according to the customer’s requests and usage environments. They can be used for a wide range of purposes, from industrial to household use.
BCP measures / small storage battery systems
BCP measures, power outage measures, small storage battery system.
It has a maximum output of 1500 W, so it can be used as an emergency power source for most electrical products.
By arranging them in multiple locations in an office, it is possible to realize stable power outage countermeasures as distributed backup power supplies. It uses shielded lead-acid battery, so it is affordable and safe.

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