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Latest update: 25/05/2022 11:33:55

E.F.E Co.,Ltd.

Delivering safe and reliable electricity to all people around the world

Our company is a manufacturer of power generators that employ "water power generation technology," which uses water and magnesium to generate electricity. It can generate power not only in times of disaster but also in various everyday situations, such as by providing power to power generators, batteries, and home appliances. It is a next-generation power generation technology that is friendlier to both the environment and people than gasoline-based generators and battery materials containing toxic substances.

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Water Power Generation
What is Water Power Generation?
It can generate power safely and reliably using water and magnesium. Unlike ordinary power generation, this is an environmentally friendly, next-generation clean energy source that does not emit harmful substances or carbon dioxide. It is a revolutionary power generation technology attracting attention from around the world because it can generate power not only in times of disaster but also under various circumstances and can be used as a general-purpose power supply for generators, batteries, and other home appliances.
About Water Power Generators
Water power generators are the next generation of revolutionary generators that can generate electricity with water and magnesium. What's more, it can generate electricity even from seawater, urine, and soy sauce.

Generating electricity with water and magnesium
Water is used as raw material, and electricity is generated using electrolysis with magnesium. Various types of water can be used for this application.

Securing power in times of disaster
This is the world's only generator that can be used indoors during a disaster. The generator is portable to generate power in places where electricity is unavailable, not to mention during power outages.

Charging smartphones is also possible.
This generator can charge up to 800 smartphones, which are essential for daily life, and supply power to various home appliances equipped with a USB terminal.

No need to worry about power when you are out.
You can secure power in times of disaster and when camping, climbing mountains, and other outdoor activities.
Features of Enectron
It supplies electricity for about 80 hours with salt water (about 2.5L).
Excellent portability even for women and the elderly. It is quiet enough to use during nighttime.
Its four USB ports and one DC12V output port allow you to use a variety of home appliances.
The switch in the center can turn the unit on and off.
It can be reused by replacing the internal plate.
The generator is safe, without emitting any toxic gases or hazardous substances.

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