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Latest update: 25/05/2022 11:33:58

Owada Sokuryo Sekkei Co.,Ltd.

We contribute to the local community (and the world) by building urban infrastructure with our people and technologies.

Our company was established as a surveying and design company, and we have been engaged in geographic information systems (GIS) since 1999. The system has been introduced in local governments and private companies. In recent years, we have taken on the challenge of creating spaces that are more in harmony with people and the natural environment by collecting data, inputting information, and analyzing it using survey design and GIS technology, including surveying using drones.

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Business Description
Surveying and Research
We can perform ground surveying and 3D topographical surveying with high speed and accuracy.
Design and Planning
With our accumulated technologies for roads, bridges, rivers, erosion control, water supply & sewerage, urban planning, etc., we can help develop the social living environment of the new era.
Data Processing
Geographic Information System (GIS)
We offer a complete range of services, from collecting all kinds of spatial information to database construction, digital map creation, and various ledgers. The map management system handles resident response and the maintenance of facilities and information, while the water supply ledger system maintains the water supply. With our accumulated technology, we provide a wide range of support from proposal to operation stages for municipalities and companies.

Reconstruction Project
We are actively engaged in reconstruction efforts following the Great East Japan Earthquake. To measure radiation for different purposes and locations, we use multiple systems, such as UAV (small unmanned aerial vehicle) radiation measurement systems, walk-through radiation measurement systems, and driving radiation measurement systems that combine GPS devices with radiation measuring instruments.
We conduct high-precision surveying from the sky. In addition, we have signed a disaster agreement with Hirono Town to use unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to collect disaster information as soon as possible in the event of a disaster.

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