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Latest update: 25/05/2022 11:33:58

Titan Communications Inc.

Creating opportunities for 10 million people to play active roles with user-friendly IT that everyone can use.

We support your use of technology by planning and developing various systems such as RPA, IoT, websites, and smartphone application production.

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Mirai Robot RPA
Mirai Robot RPA will not fail, and there are three reasons why.

1. Total cost is different
Even with an inexpensive license, the total cost can be steep if you are charged a hefty fee every time you get support. The concept of Mirai Robot RPA is that the price is low when viewed in total.

2. Ease of operation is different
The person in charge in the field, not the engineer, can directly give instructions to Mirai Robot RPA. Teach the procedure as if you were handing over the task to a newcomer. It will work around the clock without making mistakes.

3. Support is different
We have a proven track record and know-how and can provide accurate support for a variety of users' problems. Of course, we do not charge any special fees.
Mirai Robot Manager Business Automation Support Tool
This software supports RPA by visualizing business operations.

(1) Proceeding with automation projects in stages, starting from a specific department
By visualizing "what kind of work is being done, what procedures are being used, and how much time is being spent on it," the software makes it easier to proceed with automation projects such as RPA and efficiency improvement in stages.

(2) Visualizing operations and procedures
Visualize internal business processes and procedures, who is in charge, how long it takes, etc. This can be used for selecting tasks to be covered by RPA and for interviewing about the procedures, thereby helping to understand the workload of each employee.

(3) Monitoring the operation status of RPA
Simply implementing RPA is not enough; it must be kept running. This software visualizes how much automation has been implemented and is being executed daily, which helps verify the effectiveness of RPA implementation.

(4) Sharing information and fostering awareness for improvement
Efficiency. It would be pointless if everyone were not in it together. The software allows everyone to share information on how streamlined the internal operations are. It can be used to foster a culture that encourages new improvement proposals within the company.
Mirai Karte
This system can manage the operations of salons such as beauty salons, esthetic salons, nail salons, eyelash extension salons, pet salons, osteopathic salons, and relaxation salons, and is designed to make salon work more comfortable even for those operating in a small group.

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