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Latest update: 25/05/2022 11:33:58

LifeRing Co.,ltd.

We provide textile products having deodorant functions.

Our company plans, sells, imports, and exports clothing and miscellaneous goods made from materials to eliminate odors. We offer products that solve "odor issues" in daily life and professional front-line settings.

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BreezeBronze, a pioneering brand of deodorant textile products, is clearly distinguished from the many other deodorant products available, from the safety of its raw materials to its deodorant effects, including certification from third-party organizations. The deodorizing function embedded in the fiber itself provides a speedy deodorizing experience right up to the end of the product. It is durable enough to be used not only in daily life but also in nursing care, submarines, and other places where odors are severe.
BreezeAir® has many attractive features not found in conventional cushioning materials.

The air permeability is so good that air escapes when you breathe on it, and the pressure dispersion is so good that you can visually see the difference.
Anti-microbial finish that can be used in hospitals and nursing homes.
It is washable, overturning the common sense that cushioning materials cannot be washed, and is light enough to be carried around easily, yet has excellent compression recovery and little sagging.
It uses more environmentally friendly raw materials.

The BreezeBronze® deodorant cover boasts an overwhelmingly positive experience.
Each and every one of them could set the standard for the next generation.
Get BreezeAir, and everything will be comfortable.

BreezeAir is a cushioning material that lets you experience the future.
BYBB was born from our deodorant function brand BreezeBronze. 
BreezeBronze is a highly functional product known for its deodorizing speed and the experience it provides. We believe that the essence of this fantastic deodorant effect is not in the function or the product itself but that it allows you to experience happiness in your life.

BYBB's goal is not only to solve the problem of odor but also to free you from the stress it causes by utilizing the high functionality of BreezeBronze so you will feel the happiness of everyday life around you with all your senses.  
By having BYBB in your daily life, you will surely notice the rich sounds you have been overlooking, the fluttering of the fresh early summer breeze, the warmth of the sunshine, and the precious smiles in front of you.

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