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Bridging Between Food Producers, Consumers, and Retailers

Our company manufactures and distributes functional konnyaku products, kuzukiri, jelly, pudding (chilled and room temperature), mizuyokan, various primary processed agricultural products, etc., offering OEM production as well. Since we have developed products with well-known patissiers and food factories, we have more than 300 different recipes. Advanced technical capabilities and cooperation with local producers allow us to provide support from the consultation stage up to the prototype development and delivery phases, which is our strength.

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Features of our OEM
1. Small lot production
To make it easy for first-time OEM customers to get started, we accept orders for puddings and jellies from a minimum of 2,000 units. Please feel free to contact us for recipes and samples.

2. Thorough quality and hygiene control 
The products undergo thorough hygiene and quality control at our JFS-B certified high-quality plants. We also have business with co-ops and convenience stores nationwide.

3. Over 300 recipes
In addition to our self-developed recipes, we often collaborate with famous patissiers and food factories throughout Japan. The number now exceeds 300 kinds.
Original Products
We at Ohara do not develop products with the sole purpose of selling them. There are foodstuffs that are judged substandard even though painstakingly produced or are not well distributed simply because the public is unaware of their existence. We want to serve as a bridge to bring such foods to the world as products. We will continue to finish the agricultural and marine products selected by our development staff, using the techniques we have cultivated with our producers and suppliers. 

[Production Items]
Kuzukiri, jelly, pudding (chilled and room temperature), mizuyokan, various primary processed agricultural products (sweet potato paste, etc.), konnyaku (low-carb konnyaku noodles, rice konnyaku, grain konnyaku), etc.

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