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Latest update: 25/05/2022 11:33:59

AIM Tecnologies Co.,Ltd

A solution provider that solves corporate issues with robots, AI, and IoT

We are aiming to expand our technology from Japan to the global market. Our AI service robots have been installed in many restaurants and hotels.

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Sales Pitch

Smart Positioning: Advanced 2D LIDAR positions the robot with high efficiency and accuracy.
Flexible obstacle avoidance: The combination of LIDAR and vision sensing accurately detects the surrounding environment and autonomously plans a route avoiding obstacles.
Delivery and retrieval: Having a large payload, the robot autonomously completes delivering meals and drinks.
Applications of SAKURA
Reducing employees' workload: Using robots for serving and collecting dishes will save labor.
Reception & guidance: The robot welcomes visiting customers with hand towels, chopsticks, and teacup sets* and guides them to the designated table (*for infection control and prevention of contact).
Promotion of restaurants and food: The robot has a function to announce the recommended dishes for the day and information on events (such as for Christmas).
Food and dessert recommendation by robots: The robot delivers a cake with background music and decorations for birthdays and other anniversaries or contributes to sales with a robot menu for children.
Solutions for Hotels
Applications for Restaurants and Banquet Halls
AIM ROBOTs basically have doors on the tray storage area. The door shields against dust and prevents customers from accidentally touching the food (an open tray option is also available).
The stable wheels make it easy to travel over steps of about 2 cm and shaggy carpets. It can also climb ramps of up to five degrees.
The robots can be used during breakfast and dinner hours when the restaurants are crowded with customers and in buffet restaurants to collect plates to reduce the necessary labor and speed up the process.
Applications in Room Service and Delivery
The robots can provide room service instead of humans late at night or other times when there is a staff shortage.
Proactive use of robots for nighttime room services will result in more drink and evening meal orders, leading to increased sales.
Using robots can improve the staff's labor conditions and reduce troubles with customers.
It enables various contactless customer services as part of measures against COVID-19.
The robots can work 18 straight hours, 365 days a year for approximately 200 yen per hour.

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