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Latest update: 19/10/2022 16:03:09

Gradco Japan Ltd.

Only Gradco Can Do It.

Our company plans, develops, and markets paper handling equipment for printing and imaging devices such as multi-function printers and digital combined machines. Gradco is an independent capital company that does not belong to any business grouping. This is why we can view information resources from an objective, neutral, and global perspective and accurately reflect needs and information resources in planning and development.

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Sales Pitch

Gradco Multi Client System distributes costs and significantly reduces the burden on each company.
Gradco's Formation 
Including its design department, Gradco specializes in product planning, development, and marketing. Gradco's unique fabless formation, in which the production department is outsourced, enables speedy development that accurately meets the needs of our customers.
Advantage 1
With Gradco distributing product development costs among several companies, clients can significantly save costs compared to developing products on their own.
Advantage 2
By adopting innovative products developed by Gradco ahead of the market, clients can significantly reduce the risk of developing new products.
Product Information
Near-Line Automatic Tape Binder
A digital printing binding system suitable for production and variable production.
High-quality book binding finish
Strong page adhesion by thermal welding method
High-speed binding operation (up to 150 copies per hour for automatic binding)
Automatic tape feeding (100 strips/cartridge) and easy tape replacement with cartridge system
Eco-friendly recycled paper binding tape and paper tape cartridges
The pneumatic paper feeding system prevents damage to the printed surface and ensures stable transport
Two-stage feeder allows the insertion of front and back covers
Improves productivity and efficiency of the system
Operates in parallel with the main system
Does not cause a loss of productivity in the main system during the bookbinding
Capable of handling output from multiple printers
It keeps operating even during system updates

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