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Developing New Technologies and Products with SDGs in Mind

Our company strives to develop new technologies and products with the SDGs in mind, such as pumps with extremely low supply volume (discharges a few dozen nanoliters).

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Business Overview
Business Description
Design, development (sensor systems, bearings, mechanical systems), sales of patented technology, planning and guidance for new product development, consulting for companies, etc.
Nanopump: Pumps that contribute to the SDGs by minimizing supply (discharges a few dozen nanoliters)
The features of our nano pumps are as follows:
-Ultra-small size for easy installation at the supply point
-Supplies directly to the desired point with a nozzle
-Short conveying distance minimizes pressure loss for pumping liquid
-Electricity cost is about 0.07 yen per year of continuous use
-Minimizing the amount of liquid pumped allows for a significant reduction in the amount of solution

This is a small pump that can significantly contribute to the SDGs.
Consulting Services
We have a great deal of experience in proposing new product plans after interviewing about the situation in companies having trouble planning new products. Please feel free to contact us.
Examples of development and commercialization results:
(1) Abrasive sludge solidification equipment
(2) 3-axis acceleration machine diagnostic monitor
(3) Weld-free hot runner injection mold 
(4) 3D aluminum extrusion molding (Markram method)
(5) 3D rubber extrusion molding technology
(6) Various special bearing designs for coating machines
(7) Precision rotational performance measuring equipment for rolling bearings
and others


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