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Latest update: 19/10/2022 16:03:01

sunoki co,.ltd

A Group of Interior Finishing Work Professionals

For LGS construction (building the base for lightweight steel frames) and PB (plasterboard) construction, we provide customers with low cost, high quality, workforce, and responsible construction capabilities at many sites that can be achieved only by direct hire contractors. We have completed many large-scale projects that left their marks on the map, including office buildings, skyscraper condominiums, and landmark commercial facilities in the Tokyo metropolitan area.

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Business Description
Construction Process
The site foreman manages the process in line with the work process of other contractors by holding in-depth discussions with our office construction manager through on-site meetings. With direct hires (employees) on-site, we have earned customers' trust for our flexible response, such as securing workers at short notice.
By being cost-conscious, we can eliminate time and material losses, and each and every one of us can improve all levels of construction by devising and improving construction methods and work procedures.
Environmental Conservation
We are actively working on the 4Rs* at the construction site by bringing in pre-cut materials.
*Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.
Large Commercial Air Purifier, GRABVD
GRABVD commercial air purifiers are equipped with deep ultraviolet LEDs that sanitize viruses.
Large commercial air purifiers suitable for spacious offices, schools, and hospitals create safe and secure spaces for employees, students, and customers.

Because this is a commercial air purifier, its airflow, processing capacity, dust collection, and sterilizing power are entirely different.
The airflow rate of 942 m3 per hour is sufficient for a large space of 109 m2 (approx. 66 tatami mats).
The collected viruses are sterilized by ultraviolet light in GRABVD.
It features an electronic dust collection filter that does not clog.
No clogging occurs, so airflow and dust collection capacity do not deteriorate.
Large casters allow for easy movement.
It helps ventilate rooms where windows cannot be opened due to summer heat or winter cold.
Allows you to take measures against infectious diseases for as little as 12,400 yen/month (tax included).

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