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Latest update: 21/06/2022 15:26:16

NCC Co,.Ltd

★NCC’s Ion Plating Offers Fine Metallic Colors and Durability

NCC's ion plating meets your needs for beautifully coloring the products to increase their value. Ion plating is a technique in which titanium is melted, evaporated, and ionized in a vacuum apparatus and irradiated onto a product.
It combines with nitrogen and carbon to produce gold, brown, black, and blue colors.

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NCC's Ion Plating
Features of NCC's Ion Plating
Ion plating is a technology in which metals are ionized by heat or plasma energy in a vacuum apparatus, and ceramicized molecules combined with reactive gases are irradiated and deposited on the product. Compared to conventional coating or wet plating, it has superior adhesion and wear resistance.

Our company offers contract processing of ultra-hard thin film coatings by ion plating using two methods, arc and sputter. We can make your products fashionable with excellent adhesion, abrasion resistance, and metallic coloring.

1. High-quality metallic color
This coloring gives a luxurious and high-quality image. Examples: gold, brown, silver, black, blue, rainbow

2. Scratch-resistant and color-flaking-resistant
The high adhesion makes the product resistant to color flaking and scratches. The plating also makes the product abrasion-resistant, extending product life.

3. Safe for people and environmentally friendly
The plating is mainly made of titanium, which is less likely to cause metal allergies and is safe for human wear. It is highly evaluated in the field of accessories such as rings and necklaces, tableware, and cutlery.

4. Pollution-free equipment that does not generate waste liquid
The coating process does not generate any waste liquid when the equipment operates. Employees work in a clean environment, and the plant is always clean.
Coating on Various Materials
It utilizes a low-temperature (60-250 degrees Celsius) ion plating technology, the first of its kind in Japan. The coating can be applied to metals, plastics, ceramics, glass, wood, textiles, and paper.

Example of processed products
Muffler tails for automobiles
Automotive plastic (ABS) emblems
Medical equipment
Western tableware for hotels and restaurants (cutlery, china plates, glasses, and knives)
Hairdressing scissors
Fishing equipment (reels, hooks)
Jewelry (necklaces, earrings, rings)
Building materials (door handles, levers)
Tools (ratchet handles, wrenches, screwdrivers, sockets)
Ballpoint pens, stamps
Self-developed Ion Plating Equipment
We have developed our own equipment that reflects our ion plating processing technology accumulated over many years.



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