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Latest update: 21/07/2022 15:55:47

Micro Technology Co., Ltd.

We manufacture high-performance, high-quality glass parts.

A manufacturer of automotive glass and touch panels. Using glass as our base material, we manufacture bendable glass that can be processed with metal wiring, as well as touch panels using thin glass sensors. These products are used in various industries, such as mobile devices, home electronics appliances, and construction materials. We provide products that meet customer specifications with high quality, low cost, and quick delivery through in-house integrated production in Japan.

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Cover Glass Business
We manufacture automotive cover glass, automotive curved cover glass, and industrial cover glass.
We can also produce highly reliable cover glass with curved surface processing and high-precision decorative printing processing.

[Tablet Cover Glass]
With NC processing, we support various designs such as irregular shapes, hole drilling, and chamfering. In addition, we can do decoration and anti-glare processing.

[Curved Cover Glass]
Our unique technology enables high-precision thermal bending, with no deformation. In addition, we can do decoration and anti-glare processing.

[Aimic Cover Glass]
This is a laminated glass that can be bent freely, and is strengthened by laminating two sheets of thin glass. It can also be attached according to the shape.
Touch Panel Business
The Micro Technology Co., Ltd. develops and manufactures various touch panels using glass as the base material.
Glass is distinguished by its excellent transparency and durability.
On a daily basis, we utilize the characteristics of glass to develop touch panels that are harder to break and are easy to operate.

[Capacitive Sensing Method]
We develop and mass-produce touch panels that are not easily affected by electromagnetic noise from the many electronic devices inside cars.

[Analog Resistive Film Method]
Our glass + glass analog resistive film touch panels have been widely used for genuine car navigation systems due to their high environmental reliability and visibility, and we have been leading the industry for over 25 years.
Ultra precision machining
We have integrated systems for various types of processing at our factory in Japan.
We provide products that meet customer specifications for high quality, low cost, and short delivery time.

[Glass Etching Technology]
In our large-scale hydrofluoric acid treatment facility, we use glass etching techniques to make thin, strong glass.

[Glass Tempering Technology]
We can do tempering of thin glass. We can also temper various bent or irregular shapes.

[High Precision Printing Technology]
Our high-precision silk printing enables high-precision and high-definition colors. We can also do decoration of curved surfaces.

[Vacuum thin film and photofabrication technology]
We can also form indium tin oxide, aluminum, molybdenum, copper, and chromium using vacuum thin film technology. Using photofabrication, we can form precision wiring patterns.

[Glass surface antireflection technology]
We can also do AG surface treatment with chemical etching, AR surface treatment with increased transparency and reduced reflectance, and AF surface treatment with excellent antifouling. By doing these processes simultaneously, we can obtain a better anti-glare effect.

[Glass machining technology]
We can do various types of processing including circular, fan-shape, hole drilling, and chamfering.

[Laminated glass technology]
With high-precision bonding technology, we can process highly tempered glass. This is highly effective for preventing scattering when glass breaks.

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