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Latest update: 21/06/2022 15:26:15

Noda Giken Co.,Ltd.

Manufacturer of Precision Prototypes, Mainly for OA Equipment Parts

Our company provides precision prototypes and models of engineered plastics and other materials, mainly through NC machining. From simple machined products to complex 3D cutting operations, we can respond by employing a machining method with costs that match the intended use. Our extensive range of technologies, equipment, and networks, covering 3D/NC machining, vacuum injection molding, vacuum forming, and sheet metal processing to simple molds, allows us to work smoothly and provide our customers' needs.

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Small Lot Production and Vacuum Injection Molding
In this method, an extremely high-precision silicon rubber mold is made from a master model, and two-component curable urethane foam resin and epoxy resin are poured into the mold in a vacuum to make reproductions. 

Reduces lead time and costs significantly. Many reproductions can be made in a short time from a single master model.
The elasticity of silicon rubber allows easy removal of undercuts.
Allows inserting of fillers (e.g., metal powder, glass fiber), screws, and plastics.
Small Lot Molds and Simple Molds
This is a mold that overcame difficulties that had been hard to solve. Focusing mainly on cost reduction, we used aluminum, brass, and other mold materials. 

This is recommended when:
-the quantity required is not large enough to make a regular mold.
-you want to reduce cost and time for additional production.
-you need an integrated piece that is impossible to produce by cutting or manual processing.
-you need an inexpensive mold due to repeated design changes.
-the unit cost would be too high if manually made.
-you want to use different materials through insert molding.
-you want to change materials for the same shape.
-you want to make it with glass-containing materials due to the need for strength.
Cutting-edge Fabrication Technologies: Photofabrication and Additive Manufacturing
We will respond to the diverse needs of our customers by considering the appropriate style for the product characteristics, such as photofabrication and additive manufacturing. These molding technologies will become the mainstream for mockups in the future. 

Three-dimensional shapes with free-form surfaces and complex structures (e.g., undercuts), which are difficult to cut, can be easily produced.
The desired model can be produced in a short time and economically.

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