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Latest update: 19/10/2022 16:02:59

Shinano Fujitsu Co., Ltd.

Manufacture of Electronic Components and Applied Electronic Devices

As the mother factory (a factory that supports overseas factories) of the Fujitsu Component Group, our company manufactures a wide variety of electronic components and applied electronic devices. We contribute to our customers' products by providing highly reliable, high-value-added products through our advanced manufacturing technologies, including metalworking, plastic molding, and electronic circuit design techniques that we have developed over many years.

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Press Technology
Pressworks with high precision progressive dies are available, from high-speed presses to single-shot presses. We have a proven track record in connectors, relays, and other components.
Injection Molding Technology
We can produce a wide range of moldings, including small articles, thin-wall moldings, large components, and insert moldings. We have a proven track record in connectors, relays, keyboards, thermal printers, and many other products.
Dies and Equipment
Based on the know-how accumulated through 50 years of manufacturing connecting devices, switching devices, and composite devices, we have a wide variety of dies and automated equipment technologies.

We design the process together with the customer, including cost and delivery time.
Our integrated production system (design, parts processing, assembly) enables speedy response.
We take full responsibility for quality checks and stable operation.
Board Mounting Technology
We have general-purpose equipment that automatically solders surface mount components and leaded insert components. From small lots to mass-produced products, we can handle a variety of mounting boards with high-mix, variable-quantity production.
Plating Technology
Our plating has high corrosion resistance due to Au-PdNi-Ni triple-layer plating and is suitable for applications requiring high reliability. It has a proven track record in connectors.

Compact hoop plating equipment with a total length of 10 m is used for high-mix, variable-quantity production.

PAGOS® Plating
PAGOS® Plating (Palladium-Gold Sliding Contact Material)* is a three-layer structure consisting of nickel (Ni) plating, palladium-nickel alloy (Pd-Ni) plating, and gold (Au) plating and has the following features.
*PAGOS is a registered trademark of Fujitsu Components Limited.

1. Three-layer multilayer plating reduces the number of pinholes that open from the base material to the outside air and improves corrosion resistance.
2. Using a thin Au plating over a hard Pd-Ni alloy plating as the contact, friction during contact insertion and removal is reduced between the Pd-Ni alloy and Au, reducing inserting and extracting forces and maintaining a favorable insertion-extraction property.
Decoration Technology
We can handle solvent coating, silk printing, pad printing + coating, sublimation pad printing, and leather printing (white lettering supported) on molded and sheet metal parts, etc. Our products have been adopted for KVM switches, console drawers, keyboards, thermal printers, and other products.

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