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Latest update: 21/07/2022 15:55:46

SANEI Co.,Ltd.

We contribute to the reduction of environmental burdens with parts for heat insulation, cold insulation, sound insulation, and more.

We are a manufacturer of heat insulating materials, cushioning materials, and sound absorbing materials for industrial products, the construction industry, and construction machinery. With heat insulation, sound absorption, sound insulation, and vibration isolation, we reduce energy loss, realize a clean environment that does not generate noise, and contribute to the creation of a society with a brighter future.

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Product Introduction
■ Cold/heat insulation and thermal insulating materials
・ Polyethylene foam
・ Glass wool
・ Soft/hard urethane foam
■ Sealing materials, soundproofing, vibration damping material
・ Rubber sponges
・ Urethane foam
・ Sound absorbers
■ Sound absorption / sound insulation material
・ Polyethylene foam sheets
・ Air caps
COVID-19 countermeasure products
■ Photocatalyst Compact Air Purifier Petit Joshua
By shining a powerful LED light on a filter coated with a photocatalyst, it deodorizes, disinfects, and decomposes indoor air-polluting gas.
It has a compact size of 16x16 cm, and can be used as indirect lighting because it is a visible light LED, rather than ultraviolet light.
This compact air purifier is perfect for deodorization and disinfection in commercial settings, such as office desks, in meeting rooms and reception rooms where people gather, at tables and counters of restaurants, in the toilets of common areas. It is also perfect for deodorization and disinfection in the home, such as bathrooms and pet spaces.

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