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Latest update: 21/06/2022 15:26:25

Fuji Computer .Co.,Ltd.

System Developer with Strengths in Technology and Appropriate Support for Various User Needs

Our company is a community-based IT business operator that develops and supports business systems and provides software development outsourcing services for major IT companies. We have also established an AI technology research center to develop, manufacture, and sell AI nursing care robots.

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Business Description
System Department
The department builds, operates, and maintains internet-based systems. After system analysis, we propose, design, program, support, and maintain it comprehensively, providing sales management systems, production management systems, financial management systems, and human resource payroll systems.
Solutions Department
We partner with major IT companies to provide services from the requirement definition phase to manufacturing, testing, operation, and maintenance, mainly for business applications.

[Case Examples]
Development of a production management system for a steel company
We participate in developing integrated production management systems for steel mills, from raw material procurement to molten steel, rolling, and commercialization.
Development of applications for X-ray fluorescence analyzers (nondestructive radioactivity measuring machines)
We are developing equipment to analyze the components of objects by irradiating X-rays.
From the analysis of precious metals to the recent development of testing equipment for cesium in foodstuffs and soil, we play a part in contributing to society.
Development of idling stop systems for automobile manufacturers
We are participating in a project to develop an ECU (engine control unit) for automobiles.
Development of image analysis (face recognition) systems
We participate in projects to develop image analysis applications, mainly contributing to security measures and crime prevention.
Network and Server Construction Services
We build the necessary environment for any computer system.
Construction of infrastructure, server management, and external cyber-terrorism protection measures for a major heavy manufacturer
Construction and maintenance of network environment for a university
Monitoring of mobile communications
AI Technology Research Center
We have created a conversational robot that aims to be close to the hearts of the elderly and provide them with healing. The AI conversation system enables advanced conversation based on the interests, tastes, and experiences of the care recipient, which is not possible with conventional communication robots.

[Care Support Communication Robot Fukuchan]
Functions: Medication time registration / Dialogue function / Image recognition / Exercise function / Singing function, etc.

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