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Latest update: 21/07/2022 15:55:55


Precision electronic equipment and information-related equipment metal parts processing

We manufacture various precision parts such as stationery parts, automotive parts, and communication parts. We have built a full-time operation manufacturing system to realize low cost, and we are working on products with high technical difficulty, having received high praise for our efforts.
Suwaco Seimitsu aims to further develop and improve its technology as an “Evolution System Company” that responds to the evolving micron world.

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Sales Pitch

Product Introduction
Dedication to One-of-a-kind Quality
■ We have established an integrated production system, from design to manufacturing and quality control.
■ We have achieved quick delivery and low cost with a 24-hour operation system.
■ We promise the highest quality in the world based on technical capacity we have cultivated over many years and our thorough management system.
■ We have an uncompromising in-house structure that responds to customer requests from the trial manufacturing stage.
World-class product lineup
With leverage achievements since our establishment and our outstanding technology, we provide products to all industries.
Thoroughly unmanned and labor-saving operations in factories using mass production technology cultivated by producing stationery parts. In order to handle high-mix low-volume and machining of difficult-to-cut materials, we have introduced a composite NC automatic lathe usable at any time, and we are currently able to cut materials up to φ32.

■ Automotive parts ■ Writing implement parts ■ Mobile communication antenna parts ■ OA / electronic parts ■ Optical communication connector parts ■ Communication connector parts
“Takumi” writing implement series
“Takumi” is a series of original wooden shaft ballpoint pens and mechanical pencils that combines our metal parts machining technology and woodworking technology. We purse the beauty of wood grain by collecting lumber produced in Nagano Prefecture in Japan and rare tree species from various other countries.
Takumi is designed to use commercially available refills from various companies so that they can be used for a long time while enjoying changes in the texture of the wooden shaft.

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