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Latest update: 21/07/2022 15:55:55

Craftec Okamoto Co.Ltd.

A next generation monozukuri craftsmanship manufacturer that does “moldless production”.

Moldless production is a method of processing that achieves high quality precision equal to or higher than that of molded products, but without making dies and molds.
We are a top-class manufacturer in Japan, and have established the next-generation production method “moldless production” by integrating “cutting edge processing equipment made by the Germany company Trumpf, a world-class manufacturer”, and “technical know-how we have cultivated over many years in precision sheet metal and press processing”.

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Business Description
Sheet Metal Technology
We specialize in drawing and R-bending, which have high technical requirements, and achieve dimensional tolerance of 0.05 mm for punching and bending.
We can also do micromachining that integrates precision sheet metal (high-precision punching, complex shape bending and hole drilling, shaft caulking) and drawing.
Our precision sheet metal technology enables short turnaround of trial manufacturing and small-quantity machining, with no need for special molds.
Please contact us if you are a designer or developer and you want cost reduction of current products with smaller lots, but are concerned about precision in sheet metal processing.
Our spot welding does not leave scorch marks on the design surface of stainless steel, SPC material, chrome-free material, color steel plate material, and other such materials. This eliminates the need for post-processing such as sanding and filling with putty, thereby shortening delivery times, and achieving cost reduction.
We also have a record of supporting important safety parts related to construction machinery by using advanced hand welding technologies, such as argon TIG and CO2 MIG.
In cooperation with group companies, we also answer requests for integrated response, all the way up to coating.
Please contact us about introduction of YAG laser welding machine SRY-45P, welding of thin plates of aluminum and stainless steel, and welding of dissimilar materials, such as woven wire mesh, pipes, and round bars.
Quick delivery is available
We have installed equipment that automatically supplies, processes, and extracts products 24 hours a day, achieving seamless processing.
We are capable of quick delivery that is difficult for other companies, because we can shorten construction periods with the latest equipment, as well as by making engineers more versatile and having them do irregular work.

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