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Latest update: 25/05/2022 11:33:59

Nano CAME Co.,Ltd.

Antimicrobial Nanoparticles: World's First Technology Exclusive to NanoCAME

The antimicrobial acrylic nanopolymer (antimicrobial nanoparticle) we have developed is an original technology that autolyzes bacteria with its unique antimicrobial action. It contributes to a clean life and safe and secure food production without harming the rich ecosystem.

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Antimicrobial Nanoparticles
NanoCAME's New Technology
The antimicrobial nanoparticles produced by NanoCAME exert their effectiveness by sticking to the cell wall. The antimicrobial nanoparticles have a high affinity for the glycopeptide surface layer of the cell wall and inhibit the synthesis of the cell wall for the localized area where they are attached. Cell wall growth occurs on the non-adhered surface. Still, due to the unbalanced growth with the adhered surface (junctional area), the internal pressure cannot be maintained, and autolysis occurs.
Demonstration of Safety
This antimicrobial nanopolymer is biodegradable, non-accumulative, safe, and does not damage the natural environment. New antimicrobial technologies are required to solve the conflicting issues of antimicrobial sustainability as well as high safety. This antimicrobial nanopolymer does not produce formaldehyde in the metabolic system because the side-chain structure is a linear n-butyl group. Its safety and biodegradability have been well proven through more than 30 years of use as a surgical adhesive (pharmaceutical). The safety of these nanopolymer particles has also been scientifically proven through third-party testing. (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology's New Industry Creation Project (FY2012-2013 Strategic Core Technology Advancement Program by METI (FY2012-2014)).
Intended Applications
Safe and secure living: safe cleaning agents, veterinary medicine and feed, pesticides
Hygienic transportation: antibacterial containers, antibacterial cardboard, antibacterial sprays, taxies, buses, trains, etc.
Improvement and maintenance of hygienic living environment: antimicrobial swabs and daily necessities, hygiene products, diapers, antimicrobial sheets, antimicrobial bags, antimicrobial cloth, antimicrobial clothing, antimicrobial bags, antimicrobial films, antimicrobial bedding, antimicrobial sports and health equipment, antimicrobial furniture, antimicrobial wallpaper, switch buttons, antimicrobial electrical components, handrails, hanging leather straps, cosmetics, etc.

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