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Latest update: 25/05/2022 11:33:59

Arkey Co.,Ltd.

Decorating, Wrapping, and Protecting

Our company is dedicated to making people happy through "wrapping." We aim to contribute to society through the work of wrapping and packaging and to use our experience and packaging technology to create unprecedented packages and establish advanced packaging styles.

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Business Description
Arkey's Specialty Packages
Packaging for general merchandise and apparel products
Shopping bags made of various materials such as paper and non-woven fabric  
Film packages for apparel products
Brand names and various tags for apparel and miscellaneous goods
Planning and Production of Promotional Goods, Premium Items, and Other Sales Promotion Goods (SP Products)
There is an increasing need for high value-added promotional goods that match a company's concept, both for advertising purposes and for promoting the company's image. Based on our experience, we now produce and supply promotional products and products for sale on an OEM basis.
Most of the promotional goods that Arkey handles are original (custom-made) products that incorporate the customer's intentions. Even so, we are always willing to offer small lot sizes whenever possible. Another strength of Arkey is that we can also provide the packaging (box) for wrapping the promotional goods as a set.
Manufacture and Sales of Environmentally Friendly Product Bags (Biomass Blended)
Not only the bag itself but also the printing ink and the opening/closing hooks are all made of environmentally friendly raw materials.
(1)270×430 (single horizontal tape or eco hook): T-shirts, cut-and-sewn garments, etc.
(2)500x350 (single horizontal tape or eco hook): mid-gauge sweaters, etc.
(3)550 x 430 (single horizontal tape or eco hook): Middle to low gauge sweaters, etc.

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