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Training people you can trust, making products you can trust

We do design, parts processing, and product assembly of air conditioning equipment related products, as well as design and manufacture of precision sheet metal parts. We offer a quick one-stop option with the technology we have cultivated.

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Precision Sheet Metal Processing
[Achieving high added value with trustworthy technology]
At Shimada, we respond to customer requests in various fields with all the precision sheet metal and welding technology we have cultivated so far. We accept requests for trial manufacturing and production not only by manufacturers but also by fabless companies and start-up companies.
[Enabling high-quality, reliable production with the latest equipment at the top level in the North Kanto region]
In our precision sheet metal factory, we make full use of the latest equipment, such as fiber laser multifunction devices and automatic bending robots, and enable high-quality, reliable production with a system capable of operating 24 hours a day.
[Stable delivery of assembly processing, housing assembly, and wiring assembly in various fields]
We have a strong record of working on many pieces of industrial machinery, using our achievements in transactions with a wide range of industrial companies, such as assembly of air-conditioning equipment related products of major manufacturers, air-conditioning equipment for the medical equipment field, highway equipment, and digital advertising equipment.
We provide speedy and reliable products with our accumulation of unique know-how, including wiring assembly, copper pipe welding, screw and bolt fastening work, torque checks, thermal insulation attachment, and insulator pressure tests.
[Integrated production system that gives shape to customers desires]
From the stages of development to design, parts procurement, assembly, inspection, packaging, and delivery, we provide one-stop support that realizes products customers have imagined. We have received high praise from clients for our ability to deal with troublesome parts procurement and do cost management.
[Infection Prevention Measure Products] “L & Air”: Air purifier with LED lights developed by Shimada Industrial
Comes equipped with anti-virus and sterilization filters proven in medical facilities. This ceiling-mounted air purifier has LED lights that can remove odors and viruses floating in the air. (Patented by Shimada Industrial Co., Ltd. as a lighting fixture with an air purifier)

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