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Latest update: 25/05/2022 11:34:01


Manufacture and sale of containers for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food, industrial and toy products, etc.

Our company is a plastic bottle manufacturer that uses direct blow molding machines to produce containers for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and food, and car chemical bottles utilizing various plastic materials. Our specialties include design, decoration, printing, hot stamping, and shrink film processing. We have also acquired a patent for a secure medication container for infants based on our original technology and are manufacturing and selling it. All of our staff members are working hard to develop new technologies, such as the use of bioplastics to reduce the environmental impact in the future.

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Business Description
Planning, prototyping, and manufacturing of various plastic containers (cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food containers, toys, etc.)
Manufacturing of products made from various plastic materials (PET, LDPE, HDPE, PP, PS, AS, etc.)
Printing on various plastic containers
Shrink processing of various plastic containers
Main Products
[Cosmetics-related Products]
Mascara containers (PET), cleansing oil containers (PET), shampoo and conditioner containers (PET), and basic skin care containers (PET)

[Food-related Products]
Seasoning containers, supplement containers, and gumdrop containers

[Medical-related Products]
Syringes, eyedroppers, and nasal drop containers

[Car Chemical and Toiletry-related Products]
Spray containers, wax containers, detergent containers, and miscellaneous containers
[Patented Product]
ECR medication bottle
While manufacturing various plastic containers at the request of our clients, we learned about the problem of accidental ingestion by young children. After years of experience in plastic molding and repeated trial and error in research to see if there is a solution to this problem, we have successfully developed a product and obtained a patent for it.
CR (Child Resistant) containers are designed to prevent infants from easily opening the cap by requiring a certain amount of force and skill.

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