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Latest update: 25/05/2022 11:34:02

E&M Corp.

Harmonization of Electronics Engineering with Human Society

We support your business development by promoting the use of IT in your business, building systems, and providing appropriate solutions based on our extensive industry know-how.

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Business Description
Industry Solutions
Our company promotes the use of IT for fundamental corporate business activities. We support our customers' business development by providing appropriate IT solutions based on our accumulated know-how in a wide range of industries.
[Industries we have supported]
Finance, electric power, medical care, housing design, production, and broadcasting
Newspapers, government offices, and municipalities
ICT Solutions
By integrating computer systems and information and communication technology (ICT), we build systems that support our customers' operations and society.
Business Solutions
Based on our business know-how accumulated through a broad range of user experiences, we will assist you in improving business efficiency and reducing costs by providing applications and solutions.
Microsoft 365 introduction support service
Content distribution and viewing solutions
Contactless IC card (RFID) authentication auto-lock system
Conference room operation efficiency improvement system
Development of embedded software and device drivers
In-house Development Services
You-mamori (your protection)
A service to watch over the elderly with the concept of "gently watching over them." The service uses IoT to detect differences in their daily routines and helps those around them to empathize and gently watch over them.

It allows users to monitor the elderly utilizing local connections such as neighbors and community members. The elderly and family members feel safe because familiar faces are involved.
Sensors detect changes in daily life patterns, enabling monitoring that combines privacy and security.
A 24-hour call center can assess and respond to the situation based on sensor information, which can be shared immediately.
This system reforms the way home nursing and nursing care workers work. The system will help the care workers provide better services to those who receive them.
Centralized information management and smooth information linkage among related parties will significantly reduce overtime.
It allows users to directly visit the elderly and go home without commuting to the office, helping to prevent workplace cluster outbreaks.
Information sharing through photos and videos allows doctors to respond quickly and appropriately.
Health & Safety Connect
This system is designed to protect employees and the company from COVID-19.

Health status can be easily registered daily
It quickly issues alerts whenever a new COVID-19 infection is suspected
Connection with the call center service is secured 24/7 for peace of mind



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