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Latest update: 25/05/2022 11:34:01

Kenbisha Co.,Ltd.

High-mix low-volume production with short lead times! We are a specialist in plastic card printing

Leave it to us for all your plastic card printing needs.

We offer a wide range of services from membership cards and employee ID cards, which are now office necessities, to IC cards.

We also handle a wide range of other assignments, from card issuing-related equipment and underlays to the production of original applications.

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Introduction to the websites we operate
Information on printing on IC cards and tags, and sales of plain white and RFID/NFC-related products. We offer IC systems and solutions.

[Introduction to our recommended services]

US Card (Fingerprint authentication card)

US Card is a card with biometric authentication functionality. The card functions as an IC card only when a fingerprint is applied to the exposed fingerprint authentication area on the card surface and authenticated. Since the risk of impersonation and unauthorized use can be avoided more than with ordinary IC cards, these cards are used in environments that require a high level of security for information and facility management. 

NFC Smart Nearby Business Card

NFC Smart Nearby Business Card is a business card creation service that utilizes NFC (near field communication). Simply hold the NFC Smart Nearby Business Card over the recipient's smartphone to display a personalized business information screen that is unique to you. This is how it differs significantly from a regular business card, because it does not necessarily have to be handed out.
We print and create patient ID cards, point cards, and membership cards. We offer a wide range of services from numbering, barcode printing, embossed numbering, and variable text printing to encoding on magnetic cards.

[Introduction to our recommended services]

Cards made from environmentally friendly material

Recycled PET cards: Material made from recycled materials such as used PET bottles.

Recycled PVC cards: Made from 99% recycled materials, such as industrial waste that would normally be discarded.

Stone paper: Paper material made from limestone. It is paper-based, but water-resistant and durable.

Rice cards: A product made from inedible old rice and the like, which is converted into plastic using proprietary technology. Rice content is 10 to 20%.

Vulcanized fiber: Made from cotton pulp or wood pulp, it is highly biodegradable.
ID Card Self self-service shop for ID cards
ID Card Self is a Web-based service that allows you to easily create and order ID cards by yourself, from drafting a text to placing an order.

As a self-serve site, there is no initial set-up fee like that charged by other companies.

We are able to offer products at lower prices and provide high-quality cards with short lead times.

We also offer printing on IC cards (My Fair, FeliCa), which we can prepare for you at a low unit price.

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