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Latest update: 21/07/2022 15:55:52

UC 11 Co.,Ltd.

Creating a Fulfilling Future from “Boxes”

Our company is dedicated to planning, designing, and proposing high-quality decorative boxes and improving productivity. Inspired by the hearts of those who promote contained merchandise, we create stories that motivate consumers to purchase the merchandise, including how they are presented on the sales floor, websites, and other markets and the added value consumers feel after the purchase, aiming for a spiritually rich society where our customers’ feelings are conveyed.

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Product Information
V-cut Box
The V-cut is not only grooved at the bend point to make it easier to bend but also allows the angle to be adjusted so that it bends at a specific angle. In addition, since its appearance design is architectural, even how the lid unfolds alone effectively differentiates the merchandise from competing products. It also eliminates the stress of removing the lid when the product in the box is to be taken in and out frequently. V-cut is recommended for gift boxes and brand product cases with a luxurious pasted appearance like a wooden or plastic case.
Plastic-like Paper Box Using PP Film
The beauty of V-cut is that the edges are flush with each other, face to face, and edge to edge. It gives a stylish appearance to paperboard boxes with PP film, almost like a plastic product.
Flat Foldable Box
The disadvantage of boxes is that they take up space with many cubes when transporting. With this in mind, this box is designed to be stacked flat, allowing a large quantity to be carried at one time. In addition, consideration has been given to making the boxes easy for anyone to make.

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