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Latest update: 25/05/2022 11:33:52


We promise a high standard of quality in everything we do, from creative work to prepress and printing.

We satisfy your needs with high-quality, comprehensive printing services. We have a wealth of experience in printing with a very high level of attention to color reproduction in the apparel, cosmetics, automotive, jewelry, and other industries. We are committed to providing persevering and meticulous support to printing companies, advertising agencies, and other businesses with strict quality requirements.

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Sales Pitch

As 90% of our customers are printing and prepress companies and advertising agencies, most of the orders we receive are for items where color reproduction is difficult, such as traffic media for major companies, storefront posters for cosmetics and other products, and apparel-related mail-order catalogs.

Since it is especially important for advertisements in transportation media and other media to be eye-catching, we have many jobs that require particular attention and have a high need for special colors.

To flexibly respond to such difficult orders, we have built a system that enables us to smoothly handle even labor-intensive work such as high-precision calibration and difficult work that requires attendance during printing. We also implement thorough control measures including color management from plate-making by creating profiles for each paper brand as well as paper type.

In jobs that require strict attention to color, any problems that occur during the printing process can be extremely damaging, so we believe we are able to offer total cost reductions through our calibration of the related equipment.
In-house products, novelties
We have introduced Digital Glamorous Foil for thick foil printing with the Scodix Ultra Pro + Foil Station system for a UV digital embossing and foil processing system, which enables special surface treatment, Digital Barco, and digital printing machines, laser cutters and other equipment. This enables us to produce high-quality, small-lot printing for high value-added printed materials.

When used for high-impact direct mail, premium store cards, creative business cards, booklet covers, and so on, items can be used not only as tools to create a buzz, but also as sales tools for corporate PR and as printing samples.

Taking advantage of Scodix's feature of having no plates, please feel free to use it for several prototypes and presentations employing effective designs, or for sample prints for screen printing proofs.

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