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Latest update: 25/05/2022 11:33:56

Spatial Information Consulting Kuwabara Co.,Ltd.

Surveying business, construction consultant, compensation consultant, land and building surveyor office, second-class architect office

To establish our position as a space information consultant, which is our management vision, we have specified in our medium-term management plan to realize in-house production of a series of CIM operations of surveying, design, construction, maintenance, and management, and have been taking action on this.

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Control point surveys
We were one of the first in the local industry to introduce GPS surveying equipment and have been accumulating related technology.

Since control point surveying is the basis and most important work process in surveying, we determine the surveying method after careful consideration.

Control point surveying is mainly based on GPS surveying. In higher-order control point surveying we make use of the static method with electronic control points or national/public control points as known points, and VRS or RTK methods for third- and fourth-order control point surveying. We are constantly thinking about ways to improve the efficiency of our surveying methods while maintaining a certain level of accuracy.
GIS (Geographic Information System)
GIS stands for Geographic Information System.

It is an information system that combines maps and databases, and a method called WebGIS can be easily used on a Web browser.

By superimposing location information with longitude and latitude and a map, information can be presented in an easy-to-understand visual manner.

It also enables spatial searches and information analysis. For example, you can analyze how many data items of a given condition exist in a given area on a map.
Bathymetry, RTK/GPS Bathymetric System
Now that the full-fledged ICT era has arrived, information technology-based systems are being developed in all fields.

We are also working hard to develop new surveying systems that meet your needs. We would like to introduce our precision bathymetric surveying system, the RTK/GPS Bathymetric System.

Conventional bathymetric surveying has required a lot of time to set up reference, guidance, and positioning points prior to observation, and required a large number of workers to perform the survey. In addition, the resulting bathymetric values at sea were impossible to detect from charts, even if there were errors in vessel guidance and positioning, so there was no choice but to trust the data.

Furthermore, it was difficult to determine the effect of wave heights on water depth data, and it was necessary to respond by adopting the average value of the water depth data.

Systems using DGPS (differential GPS) or RTK/GPS for marine position determination are fairly widespread, but problems with depth values remain.

By aligning the GPS antenna and transmitter/receiver in a straight line, we are committed to simplicity and minimizing observation error. In our system, a hole is drilled in the center of the hull, and the transmitter/receiver is placed underwater. This system solves the problems of conventional systems all at once by linking acoustic bathymetry data with the height obtained by RTK/GPS.

Our specialty high-precision bathymetric surveying using RTK-GPS, which we have established over a long period of time, is highly evaluated by our customers for its low cost and highly precise results.

We hope that our system will be helpful to you when you need high-precision bathymetric data for detailed chronological change surveys in rivers, lakes, and marshes, as well as in marine areas.

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