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Latest update: 21/06/2022 15:26:17

NTS Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of Small-lot Prototypes of Precision Metalworking Products

Our company is a precision metalworking manufacturer that delivers high-precision, high-quality prototypes and machining of various metal parts for aerospace, automobiles/motorcycles, ships, and even medical applications. To meet increasingly diverse and sophisticated requirements, we systematize processing technologies for new materials, analyze processing phenomena, collect academic knowledge, and promote joint research, thereby clearing the technical hurdles we face each time.

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Precision Metalworking
While we have tried various processing technologies, cutting is where we have built a solid reputation. We have facilities and environments that allow us to perform best in high precision machining, highly advanced prototype production, and small-lot production of various precision metal parts (maraging steel, Inconel, Hastelloy, various aluminum alloys, steel, titanium alloys, magnesium, etc.)

To provide faster and more accurate service, we believe it is essential for us, those on the manufacturing floor, to utilize the equipment developed and manufactured by the equipment manufacturer to the fullest extent of its abilities. From the product warranty perspective, one of our priorities is to carry out reliable processing operations within the scope of the equipment manufacturer's warranty rather than modifying the equipment to suit our needs. 

Capital investment is also a major factor in corporate growth. In recent years, we have also been actively introducing 3D metal laminating machines and other equipment made by cutting-edge overseas machine manufacturers to meet our customers' ever-changing and ever-advancing requirements.
Quality Control
We have a double or triple quality control system in place to eliminate various human errors in the precision metalworking process. Properly calibrated and maintained high-performance measuring instruments are used for rigorous testing by our employees belonging to a dedicated department. However, in terms of the essence of quality control, we believe that, strictly speaking, it begins from the time we receive orders.
Before actual machining begins, a process chart is created for every product, allowing us to manage progress and checkpoints digitally. Products are manufactured according to the planned workflow, ensuring correct dimensions, delivery dates, and unique processes, and are shipped after receiving internal approval. 

Quality assurance, including metal property analysis and zyglo test by a specialized institute, is also available upon customers’ request. For the products entrusted to us, we make continuous efforts to achieve results that satisfy and reassure our customers while clarifying and being conscious of costs.

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