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Latest update: 21/06/2022 15:26:16

Sawai Hoon Kogyo Co.,Ltd.

Providing Insulation and Sheet Metal Work

Our company provides insulation work for facilities such as schools, hospitals, major supermarkets, and nursing homes to adequately maintain warmth inside the buildings. A large gap between the inside and outside temperatures causes condensation. Insulating walls and ceilings prevents condensation, delaying degradation.

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Insulation Work
Insulation work protects piping, boilers, and equipment using thermal insulating materials since uninsulated piping damages connected equipment, ceilings, and walls, leading to deterioration and failure. Maintaining a constant temperature reduces condensation formation and helps provide an appropriate space for people to live in.
Sheet Metal Work
In some cases, problems can occur after thermal insulation has been installed. Examples include material splattering due to the effects of aging insulation, birds pecking at it, and damage from rain. When this happens, the thermal insulation becomes less effective, and corrosion may occur in the building. We work to prevent such problems before they occur to preserve the structure.
Sheet Metal Fabrication
We manufacture sheet metal covers used in thermal insulation work (heat-insulating sheet metal). Because of our on-site installation know-how, we can respond to a wide range of orders, including those for duct exteriors.

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