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Latest update: 21/06/2022 15:26:17

Tsushima Electric CO.LTD.

Tsushima Electric for All Your Electrical Needs, from Home Use to Plants

Our company offers made-to-order products, such as DC/DA motors (design, manufacture), automatic control panels (design, manufacture), and DC motors (manufacture). Besides the design and construction of logistics facilities such as conveyor lines in factories, installation and maintenance services for other equipment are available. We also operate a drone school and offer training sessions, consulting by specialists, and aerial photography.

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Motor Related
DC motors (built-in type also available)
DC controllers
DA motors (AC motors driven by DC power)
DA controllers.
These motors are available from one unit, following your request.

Solar Street Lights
LED solar-powered street lights (one- and two-light types; salt-resistant types are also available)
Hybrid street lights (hybrid of solar battery module and wind power generation)

Electric Vehicle Conversion Kit
DA motor system (powerful type, maintenance-free)

Design and Manufacture of Automatic Control Panels
Installation, repair, and maintenance of all types of equipment are available. We can also provide electrical work and installation for plants.
As a Fuji Electric distributor, we offer the best products from our extensive product lineup.
Drone Business
We operate the first drone training school in Hiroshima Prefecture. You can acquire certification in two days, with a prescribed 10 hours of practical training using a simulator.

Recently, there has been a rapid increase in the number of people who want to use drones as a hobby or business and want to get started right away. Currently, in Japan, there are various laws and regulations governing drones, and violations can result in punishment, making it difficult to try flying a drone for fun, even for a little bit. 

Our drone school's "skills training" program allows participants to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to fly a drone in a short period. Our staff, who are certified instructors (CRPI®) with extensive flight experience, will teach you how to fly a drone safely and accurately.

Upon completing this basic skills training program, you will be issued a license valid in Japan, which the Drone Certification Association recognizes.

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