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Latest update: 21/06/2022 15:26:20

HOTEC Co.,Ltd.

Manufacture and Sales of Building Materials Made of Nara Prefecture Timber, such as Yoshino Cedar

Through the processing and sales of Yoshino cedar building materials (flooring, walls, ceilings, etc.), we are working hard every day to spread the charm of solid wood to as many houses and buildings as possible. Please take advantage of Yoshino cedar, a natural material that provides a quality environment for our daily lives.

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Product Introduction
Oto-Shizuka: Soundproof Solid Wood Direct Flooring
We developed an unprecedented soundproof, solid wood, direct flooring of 110 mm in standard board width and 15-14.5 mm in thickness using Japanese cedar and cypress by working with the Nara Prefectural Forest Technology Center. The flooring was tested and approved by the General Building Research Corporation of Japan for its lightweight floor impact sound level reduction at a level that meets the soundproofing standard (LL-45) of common condominium associations. In addition, this product can be installed as a single board with a thickness of 15 mm to 14.5 mm, without making it a double floor (△LL(I)-4). You can choose from natural flooring with a water-repelling stain-resistant surface finish and skid-proof hard flooring.
Hotec Hard Flooring
We have successfully developed hard flooring by applying a special surface hardening treatment to conventional flooring made of reddish wood of Yoshino cedar. Unlike compressed flooring, where the whole material is compressed, only the surface is processed, leaving the inner layer intact. The treatment does not compromise cedar lumbers’ inherent thermal insulation properties. The surface is hard, scratch-resistant, and skid-proof. The energy necessary to produce this flooring is also extremely low compared to compressed flooring, but it still hardens the surface greatly. It is innovative, eco-friendly flooring that we can proudly offer from Yoshino.
Cedar Slit Lumber (Sugibiyori)
The lumber absorbs harmful substances in the air and creates clean and healthy air. Unique slit processing was applied to maximize the air-purifying properties of the cedar. You can expect various effects by installing the lumber the size of two fusuma screens for an eight-tatami room (~14.6 m2).
Brain activation: Simply placing it indoors relaxes the brain and improves insomnia and irritability.
Concentration and relaxation: Cedrol, cedar’s healing property, improves concentration and makes you relax.
Improves immunity. Protects the mucous membranes of the throat and nose, thereby preventings colds.

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