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Latest update: 21/06/2022 15:26:20

K-PLAN Co.,Ltd.

Manufacture and Sales of Tatsu-tile and Plastering Material Using Tatsuyama-ishi Stones

Our company sells building materials for renovations that put the environment and health first. The materials are readily workable as they are made to be easy to handle for everyone. Tatsu-tiles and Tatsu-plaster are healthy building materials that replace conventional interior finishing materials (vinyl wallpaper). These are the healthiest and most innovative interior finishing materials that combine safety and high functionality (humidity control and odor adsorption/decomposition effects).

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Deodorizing and Humidity-Controlling Interior Material “Tatsu-tile”
What is Tatsu-tile?
These tiles, made from the historic and rare Tatsuyama-ishi stones, condition both smells and humidity together. They are highly functional interior tiles that act as natural air purifiers.
Feature 1: Adjusts room humidity for your comfort 
Tatsu-tiles automatically adjust the room's dampness and dryness. It absorbs moisture from the air when damp and releases stored water when dry. It works silently and without electricity to keep the humidity at 40 to 60 percent at all times. The effect has been well verified by public institutions.
Feature 2: Remarkable deodorizing power
Domestic odors in a room are hard to remove by simply opening a window. Tatsu-tiles powerfully eliminate unpleasant odors by adsorbing the causative substances.
Feature 3: Toxic substance adsorption/reduction function for your family
Tatsu-tiles adsorb even formaldehyde and other harmful substances generated in the room. Please use Tatsu-tiles to prevent sick building syndrome, especially for problematic children's allergies. Tatsu-tiles support your family's health.

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