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Creating New Value Through Food Recycling

Our company is engaged in a new food recycling business in which food waste from food processing sites is transformed into feed (eco-feed). Our goal in food recycling is to achieve both high-quality recycling and low cost. We strive to please both customers who use our recycled products and those who supply us with raw materials.

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Business Description
Recycling into Feed
We produce feed (Eco Feed) using food waste, food manufacturing by-products, and other materials.
[Items recyclable into feed]
-Pineapple peel
-Sake lees, mirin lees, soy sauce lees, vinegar lees
-Residue from steamed potato peeler 
-Bread crumbs, pastry crumbs
-Flour, cornstarch, rice flour, breadcrumbs 
-Canned food, syrup, molasses
-Yogurt, milk, soft drinks 
-Ramen noodles, udon noodles
Recycling into Compost
We produce organic fertilizer (compost) mainly from sludge generated from food factories. Since sludge is difficult to ferment on its own, we utilize organic matter as a secondary material that also serves as a source of calories. Careful consideration has been given to the impact on the surrounding environment, resulting in microbiological management, proper selection of materials, and composting in a closed system indoors.
Recycling Consulting
We provide consulting services on a broad range of recycling issues, including food recycling. Our total support includes not only recycling but also utilizing compost and building recycling loops through the use of generated agricultural and livestock products.

Example 1: Sales of crushers dedicated to food recycling
Kankyo Tecsys sells crushers dedicated to food recycling, taking advantage of our experience. The crushers are resistant to foreign material contamination and can process highly sticky materials. The crusher can be used either for making feed or compost.

Example 2: Support for implementing food recycling at a hotel
We installed a food waste dryer in the hotel and have the dried materials used by a farmer as compost. And then, the herbs harvested by the farmer are used by the hotel to complete the recycling loop.

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