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Latest update: 19/10/2022 16:02:57

Okadaseiko Co.,Ltd.

A Metalworking Company that Manufactures Agricultural Machinery, Industrial Equipment, and Medical Devices

Our company provides industrial machinery and medical equipment by utilizing the knowledge of ironworking and craftsmanship accumulated through the manufacture of agricultural machinery, which is in high demand in Okayama Prefecture and the surrounding areas. We purchase materials that meet our strict in-house standards, manufacture high-quality products in a short time, and ensure quality by double-checking every detail. We are striving to pass on our accumulated technology to the next generation and develop human resources who can absorb knowledge and improve their skills positively.

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Business Description
Procurement of Materials
We place the highest priority on customer trust and purchase high-quality materials that meet our strict internal standards. Securing materials that meet high standards is the first step toward stabilizing product quality. We believe that "quality starts from the material" and consistently control the quality of our products. Specifically, we set our own standards for purchasing materials that exceed JIS standards and make arrangements several months in advance to ensure the purchase of such high-quality materials.
Manufacture of Products
If materials are the "source" of a product, manufacturing is the process of "nurturing" the product. We enhance the quality of materials through careful planning and reliable technology. Rather than being satisfied with our current knowledge and technology, we constantly strive to improve the quality of the entire company that supports our manufacturing.

The drawings provided by our customers are verified in detail by both the Quality Control Department and the Manufacturing Department within the company to ensure that we can deliver products of even higher quality. In addition to assuring high product quality, we also focus on being able to provide the same quality products quickly, even when order quantities increase significantly.
Post-Manufacturing Inspections
At our company, the Quality Control Department is involved in manufacturing from the initial stages of the process. As the cornerstone of quality control, we strive to improve inspection accuracy in various ways, including double-checking the first product and enhancing the skills of our inspectors.

All products are strictly double-checked by processors and non-processor staff to ensure that nothing is overlooked, even the most minor details. In addition, post-manufacturing inspections are basically conducted by staff involved in processing the product, and their tests are accurate and speedy.

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