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Latest update: 21/07/2022 15:55:46


Our company is a general rubber manufacturer. Our "Hanenite" and "Hanenite Gel" rubbers help people suffering from vibration in various ways with their high damping performance.

The high quality, ease of use, and various outstanding performances that you feel when holding Naigai Rubber products result from our many years of efforts. We will not dwell on our achievements but will continue to refine and enhance our technology, experience, and high reliability as we serve society. By listening to the voices of an increasingly sophisticated and diverse age, we intend to contribute to society by providing reliable, high-value-added products.

Our Product Line
Industrial products: Hanenite, floats, diaphragms, piping rubber fittings, floats for fishing nets
Sports equipment: For baseballs, softballs, and yu-balls
Footwear: Business shoes and sandals
Acceleration sensors: Earthquake detectors
Tubes for automotive tires and motorcycles

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Industrial Rubber Products
Shock-absorbing rubber: Hanenite and Hanenite Gel
Hanenite is a special rubber compound that has excellent shock and vibration absorbency. While it has the property of absorbing energy with almost no rebound when subjected to external forces, its physical properties and durability are on par with those of ordinary rubber. Excellent damping performance in the normal temperature range (5 to 35 degrees Celsius) and less than 10% repulsive elasticity. Its excellent workability allows it to be used in a wide range of fields. The rubber has been adopted in a variety of applications, including substrate protection for drones, camera damping, support materials for various printers, vibration-damping materials for precision transport equipment, and vibration-damping mats for fitness equipment.

Hanenite Gel:
Hanenite Gel is an elastomer-based damping material. It has excellent impact resistance, effectively prevents vibration, and absorbs shock from machinery and other objects. The non-adhesive kind is available in two types: general use and antistatic. The adhesive kind is ideal for preventing furniture and home appliances from falling over during earthquakes, and its weak adhesiveness prevents damage to the adhered objects when peeled off. The gel also has excellent migration resistance despite its adhesiveness. It has been adopted for the protection of precision circuit boards, vibration damping and protection of circuit boards, and shock mitigation of amusement equipment. Because the gel is a thermoplastic material, it can be processed and molded into various shapes while adjusting hardness, adhesiveness, etc., making it possible to manufacture materials according to customer requirements.
Earthquake Detector
The detector uses a 3-axis capacitive acceleration sensor manufactured in-house. It automatically turns on when seismic motion (P-wave: vertical shaking, S-wave: horizontal shaking) of a set acceleration or greater (in gal) is detected and activates the electric circuit. Combined with control circuits for elevators, general equipment, and other commercial facilities, it enables automatic control of operation shutdown, alarms, etc., in the event of an earthquake. The detector can be flexibly customized to meet your needs, such as for detecting vertical vibration or horizontal vibration from all directions.
Rubber joints: EP joint
They are rubber joints used for piping in factories, construction sites, water supply and sewage facilities, etc. Since the launch of the low-pressure R type for elevated tanks in 1970, we have expanded the product lineup to meet customer needs, including the high-pressure P-type and the F-type integrated with PTFE, which have been favorably received as indispensable components for piping facilities from general housing to chemical plants. With a small spring constant and excellent elasticity and shape recovery properties, it is characterized by simultaneously exhibiting vibration isolation and displacement absorption effects when used. The product is lightweight and compact, requires no packing, and has a loose flange for easy installation.