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Latest update: 21/04/2022 13:45:50

Rotorise, LLC.

We aim to be a great magnetic bearing partner well-trusted by our customers.

We have always tackled challenges such as accelerating improvement, downsizing, and lowering costs of industrial magnetic bearings, by providing our advanced technical capabilities in magnetic bearings, built-in motors, and controls as a source of customer value, through magnetic bearing engineering and our platform products.


Sales Pitch

We develop cutting-edge technology and products for magnetic bearings, with downsizing and cost reduction
Message from our Representative
We have provided the world with our original magnetic bearings, which fully utilize our unique cutting-edge technology. Currently, we are planning to expand our sales channels, especially in Japan, so that we can expand our new products combining the magnetic bearing control firmware for turbo molecular pumps we have developed with hardware manufacturing licenses, both in Japan and abroad. We humbly ask for your guidance and support.
Strengths of Products and Technology
1) We are a magnetic bearing R&D venture company that does business based on more than 30 years of magnetic bearing R&D experience.
2) We hold all elemental technologies necessary for the development of magnetic bearings for industry.
3) With our unique technology, we have greatly simplified circuits compared to the magnetic bearing controllers of rivals (MECOS, SKF / S2M, etc.), and have realized features such as downsizing, cost reduction, and resistance to EMC.

Registered Patents
Stator core for radial magnetic bearings (Japanese Patent Application No. 2020-185430)

Representative research papers
Lichuan Li, “Eddy-current displacement sensing using switching drive where baseband sensor output is readily available,” IEEE Trans Instrumentation and Measurement, Vol. 57, 2008, No. 11, pp2548-2553.

Lichuan Li, “Linearizing magnetic bearing actuators by constant current sum, constant voltage sum, and constant flux sum,” IEEE Trans Magnetics, vol. 35, 1999, No. 1, pp528-535.

The Japan Society for Precision Engineering Best Paper Award, 2006
“Miniaturization of a one-axis-control”
Use cases / Transaction results with overseas companies / Development results
R&D of magnetic bearings and high-speed motor technologies and products

[Type of Business]
Licensing, contracted development, product sales

[Technical Information Disclosure]
We can license all design resources (schematics, Gerber files, source code)

[Case Studies]
1) China, KYKY Technology Co., Ltd., contract development of magnetic bearings and high-speed motors for turbo molecular pumps, 2016
2) China, Zhejiang Rifa Textile Machinery Co., Ltd., contract development of magnetic bearing high-speed motors for rotor spinning machines, 2016

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