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Development of highly efficient power generation and storage control systems for EV trucks

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Development of highly efficient power generation and storage control systems
■ Scheduled Generating and Charging Control System (SGCCS)
■ The energy (electricity) required to move from the current location to the destination is calculated with the on-board computer using altitude data.
■ This technology calculates the power shortage from the current battery level, generates a certain amount of power in an appropriate section, stores this in the battery, and restores the desired battery level at the destination.
■ In terms of generators, we can support the following
 - Gasoline engines
 - Diesel engines
 - Biodiesel engines
 - E-fuel engines that will be developed in the future
 - Hydrogen engines
 - Fuel cells, etc.
 Can be miniaturized to 1/2 output
Development of PRE-EV trucks
■ PRE-EV truck is an abbreviation for “Plug-in Range Extender EV truck”
■ Providing solutions for EV truck issues
 In order to extend cruising range, it is necessary to increase the number of batteries, but adding batteries lengthens the charging time and reduces the cargo capacity.
 ⇒ Conventional solution idea: There is a range extender equipped with a generator that generates power to prevent power failure, but generators have become larger,
  so this has not been realized.
 ⇒ By controlling the power generation period with the Scheduled Generating and Charging Control System (SGCCS),
  a medium-sized truck with a vehicle weight of 4 tons and a gross weight of 7.96 tons is converted into an electric vehicle.
 - Power output 33 kW (2179 cc diesel engine generators)
 - Equipped with 40 kWh secondary batteries
 - Achieved 80 km charge range and 500 km generator range 
 - CO2 emissions are less than 70% of similar diesel trucks
 (When driving 100 km)
[Transactions with major companies, etc.]
Designated service factories
Tadano Ltd.; Kyokuto Kaihatsu Kogyo Co., Ltd.; ShinMaywa Industries, Ltd.; Morita Econos Corporation; Kodaira Sangyo Corporation; Nippon Trex Co., Ltd.; Nippon Fruehaf Company, Ltd.; Pabco Co., Ltd.; Others
[Awards and media publications]
Company Driving Regional Growth: Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (2017)
DBJ Health Rating: Development Bank of Japan Inc. (2019)
2019 New Diversity Management Selection 100: Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (2020)
Health and Productivity Management Organization Bright 500: Nippon Kenko Kaigi (2021)
TOHOKU DX Grand Prize Selection Committee Special Award: Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry; Tohoku Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry (2021)
[Application and acquisition of intellectual property (patents, utility models, etc.)]
2 published patents
5 patents pending
4 trademarks pending



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