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Latest update: 21/04/2022 13:45:48

Powder Bank Japan Co.,Ltd.

Scientifically studying powder  
- Examining new technologies for crushing, and the future of the global environment -

Our smart powder system does stable production without waste, provides safe ingredients, and effectively utilizes limited resources, in order to promote businesses that enrich the health of humankind and the Earth.
We develop sustainable high value-added material manufacturing systems and deliver them to the whole world.


Sales Pitch

Pulverizer (pulverizing technology)
Airflow Pulverizer (airflow pulverization technology)
The rotating rotor and blades generate a rotational flow.
They have the role of accelerating particles in the radial direction.
The main pulverizing action is particle collision (natural pulverization) by the rotational flow.

*This operates with a different principle from impact pulverization, in which particles collide with the blades or a repulsor plate.
Suitable for fine pulverization of heat-sensitive materials, with low temperature rise.
Low power consumption and low running cost.
Little wear on the machine and contamination is suppressed.
Low temperature dehydration pulverizer (low temperature dehydration pulverization technology)
Dehydration and pulverization time is 1.0 second or less. (Time in the machine)
    Dehydration temperature is low, below 100ºC in most cases.
    Minimizes alteration and deterioration of components caused by heat.
Simultaneous sterilization is possible. (With dehydration temperature of 80ºC or higher)
    It is possible to make it test negative for E. coli, with less than 300 general viable bacteria.
    Dehydration and pulverization processes (dehydration ⇒ sterilization ⇒ fine pulverization) are realized with one process of Sentry Dry Mill.

[With raw materials containing moisture]
Sentry Dry Mill dehydrates materials instantly with the dehydration and pulverization process mentioned above. At that time, it applies heat to each particle in order to evaporate "moisture", obtaining the same effect as "steam sterilization".
We have made many achievements in which it demonstrated a sterilization effect against ordinary E. coli and general viable bacteria. However, this happens in a short time of 0.5 seconds or less, so sterilization of heat-resistant spore-forming bacteria cannot be done adequately.
[With dehydrated raw materials]
It is not possible to obtain the "steam sterilization" effect that can be obtained with raw materials containing "moisture". However, by inputting raw materials together with hot air that is 80ºC to 100ºC, the raw materials are finely pulverized in cavities generated by the air flow caused by the hot air.
Depending on the raw materials and the bacteria they hold, it is sometimes possible to obtain a sterilization effect. If the bacteria count does not decrease after one treatment process, it may be possible to obtain a sterilization effect by doing the treatment process again.

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