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Latest update: 19/10/2022 16:03:09

ZEFA Co.,Ltd.

Know-How to Create Something Non-Existent in the World from Scratch

We have the ability to make proposals, starting with consultation on whether we can make such and such a product, and then plan and develop the product together with the client. 

Currently, we are mainly manufacturing masks using IgA antibodies. We create things that only we can make and that do not yet exist in the world.

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Sales Pitch

IgA Antibody Masks, MID Technology, FA Equipment, and OEM
IgA Antibody Mask
This IgA antibody mask was developed in cooperation with the Fukushima Translational Research Foundation. One out of the four layers of the masks is made with a filter impregnated with IgA antibodies extracted from the blood of COVID-19 patients. Other regular filters prevent pollen and dust, while the IgA antibody filter adsorbs viruses and prevents them from entering the body. This product is currently on sale online.
MID Technology
(1) Miniaturization: Circuits can be formed even in components with no wiring space
(2) Pursuit of safety: Can be used in medical settings as it is catalyst-free
(3) Rationalization of components: Reduction of the number of components and simplification of the manufacturing process by embedding circuits in existing components

These three points are seen as the key to our MID strategy. We supply devices to connect to the future.
FA Equipment
We plan and develop unique equipment that can only be found on an OEM basis. To date, we have delivered winding machines, small dot seal labelers, and FPC laminating equipment to major companies. We propose the optimum products, considering the customer's objectives, strategy, and market needs.




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