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Latest update: 21/04/2022 13:45:47

Co-creative Network Corporation

With advanced ICT,
we always provide valuable services,
and are creating new futures together with our customers.

A seamless engineering group built on collaboration between Japan and China, that fully utilizes cutting-edge technology
We incorporate and integrate cutting-edge technologies from both Japan and China, including AI, Internet of Things, the cloud, and mobile,
in order to provide high-quality services and solutions by fully utilizing optimal development methods.
The three strengths of collaboration between Japan and China
・A group of engineers collaborating between Japan and China
・Able to support cutting-edge technology 
・Have realized optimal, high-quality system construction

Main image

Sales Pitch

Sr-Face AI-equipped temperature measurement face recognition system 
A communications SIM card is built-in to the main body! We have released a next-generation face recognition device!
In conventional face recognition devices, a LAN wired connection or Wi-Fi connection is essential for log data communication. We have developed a face recognition device with a built-in communications SIM card. It uses cellular phone lines, freeing users from troublesome network environment setup and wiring work. It can be used in moving vehicles and temporary locations, and can be easily installed even in places where installation is normally too difficult.
Advantages of face recognition devices with built-in communication SIM cards
Installation is easy! Installation can be done just by turning on the power!
・ No need to build a networking environment
・ No need to do wiring work of LAN cables, etc.
・ No need to install a Wi-Fi router
・ Can be installed even in installation environments where wiring work is not possible
・ Data is stored on the cloud (AWS), for peace of mind
・ No need for data servers
*Separate construction is needed to link to automatic doors or electric lock doors.
Use Scenes
・ Inside a sightseeing bus or chartered bus 
・ On trains
・ Construction sites (indoors)
・ Temporary event venues (indoors)
・ Places where it is difficult to do wiring for LAN or install Wi-Fi
・ Mobile stores


どこでも設置が可能な次世代型顔認証&検温 入退管理システム_20210916.pdf

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