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Latest update: 21/04/2022 13:45:47

Ozak Seiko Co.,Ltd

Linear professionals. Everything from linear bearings to automation.

Ozak Seiko Co., Ltd. is a linear bearing manufacturer with its head office and factory located in Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture.
We not only make conventional element parts such as linear bearings and linear guides,
but also work on automation system using our “Linear Roller Slider,” a new linear mechanism which combines rollers with an aluminum frame.

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Ultra-long life linear bearings
3.7x maintenance-free bearings (MF) / 18.5x ultra bearings (U)
The MF type has a unique seal structure that reduces grease leakage. It can be kept lubricated for a long period of time, extending driving life.

The U type is an ultra-long life bearing, which exceeds the already long operating life achieved through many years of R&D by Ozak, in order to deal with the problems of premature breakage due to use with severe moments and short strokes.

In drive tests, the MF type recorded 3.7x and the U type recorded 18.5x longer life than standard products.
[Long bearings, connections, transfers] Linear roller slider / LS, LSI
The New Linear / LS series, integrated with an aluminum frame
An era when equipment mounts can also be assembled with aluminum frames.
The easily assembled aluminum frame and linear guide canceled out each other's advantages.

Therefore, Ozak developed the Linear Roller Slide LS Series, a new linear motion mechanism.

The rail parts can be used for the beams and columns of equipment. Assembly is easy and convenient, with brackets and slot nuts just like an aluminum frame!
Roller guide functionality [long bearings, connections, transfers]
By using bearing rollers, it is possible to insert and remove parts without a temporary shaft, and possible to realize connected long bearings and transfer mechanisms.

We adjust bearing rollers to have no gaps before shipping, realizing smooth operation without rattling. This reduces the jingling noise heard in existing ball bearing guides.

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