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Latest update: 21/06/2022 15:26:17


Echizen Ori, characterized by its fine texture, has been commercialized as a variety of products such as business cards, certificates, and bookmarks.

The members of the cooperative mainly produce narrow-woven fabrics with the largest market share in Japan. Their representative products include brand tags on clothing, amulets, neck-straps, badges, and many other woven products.

A business that our cooperative engages in is the manufacture and sale of Fine Silky yarn (FS yarn)—a polyester yarn with excellent sturdiness and beautiful hues with luster.

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Fine Silky (FS) Yarn [Raw yarn evolved for a silky luster]
Fine Silky is a polyester yarn with the luster of rayon and the feel of silk. By blending pigments (colorants) with raw materials at the initial stage of yarn production, we developed a durable yarn with excellent coloring and color-retaining properties. Compared to raw yarn dyed only on the surface, it is less expensive and yet always available in 90 colors in small quantities as low as one kilogram. The product name signifies “Maruoka Finetex Cooperative's beautiful (Fine), silk-like superior yarn (Silky).” The name reflects our passion for weaving. Fine Silky is used as the weft yarn to create patterns and is produced domestically for consistent quality.
[Products and Applications]
The product has been mainly used as raw yarn for woven name tags. It is also used in fashion apparel, sportswear, and other apparel-related products in Fukui Prefecture. To appeal Maruoka Finetex Cooperative's development capabilities to various industries, we have also exhibited the products at the "Exhibition & Exchange Meeting of Gems of Technological Excellence," where Fukui Prefecture's textile companies gather to showcase their superior technologies and products.

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