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Latest update: 21/04/2022 13:45:47

Mobility Energy Circulation Co.,Ltd.

We provide ultra-compact and lightweight air-cooled waste heat power generation systems

We have the technological and networking capabilities needed to provide high-performance power generation systems at low cost. 


Sales Pitch

The first in-vehicle binary power generation system in the world
Can be used as a power plant that runs on trucks
This system uses engine cooling water to generate electricity, and stores this electricity in lithium-ion batteries. Power is generated using waste heat discarded from the radiator.
Electricity generated can be used for other purposes
It can be used for other applications, including power supply to distribution centers, by charging electricity to cartridge-type lithium-ion batteries and removing the cartridge.
Refrigerated trucks can also improve fuel efficiency
By using a retrofitted motor to drive a mechanical freezer / refrigerator compressor driven by an engine, it is possible to extend engine stop time and improve fuel cost accordingly. The luggage compartment temperature is stable because the compressor runs even when the engine is stopped.
Air-cooled ultra-compact binary power generators
Can generate power with a small amount of waste hot water
It can even be installed by companies that have given up on recovering waste heat because they only produce a small amount of waste hot water.
Multiple units can be combined and installed according to the amount of hot water discharged
We are currently developing specifications for power generation capacity of 2 kw and 4 kw, which can be installed according to the volume of hot water.
Air-cooled and easily installed
It is an air-cooled type, so there is no need for equipment or maintenance on the cooling side,
and it can be used by connecting hot water piping and an electrical system.

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