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Latest update: 25/02/2022 13:37:53


Rest assured that you can entrust your company's digitization and DX (digital transformation) to us!

We are No. 1 in the eastern part of Saitama Prefecture when it comes to automating Excel work and supporting business improvement!

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[Company Overview]
[Business Description, Features]
We use IT and ideas to resolve contradictions such as when IT was introduced but not well utilized for some reason.
We build IT environments that suit our customers’ businesses and help them to “simplify business.”
We provide tools for free on our website that make it easy to manage “financing” and “specific costs.”
[Overview of major products, technologies, goods, services, use cases]
Product Name "Your Company’s Information System Department"
Like an information system department, this service improves the efficiency of customers’ internal operations.
We will build IT environments that meet the needs of our customers, such as by selecting IT tools, automating in-house Excel work, organizing in-house data, and linking data.

Product name “Koe SOKKi”
This service streamlines reporting work for people who must do such work, such as sales staff and people who work outdoors.
Just say the report content out loud to your smartphone and the content will be sent to the specified email address as an Excel format report.
Once report content is generated, it is possible to make a report immediately regardless of the location, shortening the time needed for reporting work.
[Message from our representative]
Japanese companies must be more productive than ever because of the shrinking work force.
However, professionals on the floor are currently kept busy with day to day tasks, and have little time to improve productivity.
Business improvement is indispensable to increasing productivity.
Improving business and raising profits will lead to business stability and development.

Looking at the industry, companies that do not make effective use of IT will not be able to do corporate management, and be left behind in the future.
Our mission is to develop and provide services and products that help create value for our customers and improves their productivity with IT technology and ideas.

Based on this philosophy, we strive to always be a company that can contribute to society.