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Expert in Mirrors for Trucks, Buses, and Construction and Industrial Machinery

Our company specializes in various rear-view mirrors and peripheral equipment for business vehicles (trucks, buses, and construction and industrial machinery) and has met user needs through an integrated system comprising planning, development, design, and manufacturing. More recently, we have created a system that includes peripheral devices (stays, controllers, etc.), and the entire company is working together to commercialize this system. With the concept of "safer, better quality products at lower prices," we will continue our efforts to be of service to our users in all processes, from the examination and procurement of materials to the commercialization and distribution of products.

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Daito Press Mfg.’s Original Products
Shatter-mitigating Shadow Coat Mirror
Our Shadow Coat Mirrors are no different in appearance from regular mirrors. But we added “shadow” due to its resemblance to a shadow hero because the special coating on the back of the lens mitigates shattering when broken. So far, operators of buses and commercial vehicles have made inquiries and adopted them in their fleet.
Onbu Mirror
Onbu Mirror is a unique mirror designed to be piggybacked (onbu in Japanese) on the side-view mirror. This product was researched and developed to allow drivers to check the rear when driving, especially behind the upper part of the cabin. Please try the Onbu Mirror if you have ever experienced having your cabin come into contact with a rain gutter on the eaves when parking close to a building or if you have difficulty seeing pedestrians and bikers due to the many blind spots not covered by side-view mirrors alone when turning left.
Highway Mirror for Large Sightseeing Buses

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