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Latest update: 25/02/2022 13:37:45

Y-YACHT Co.,Ltd.

Proposing lifestyles with value and vibrant daily lives. Y-Yacht is a trading company specialized in lifestyle products, with a focus on kitchens and dining.

Our company conveys “the joy of cooking” to the world by creating original products in collaboration with domestic and foreign manufacturers, acting as the official distributor in Japan for the American company OXO and the Belgian company Greenpan, and discovering products overseas that were not previously available in Japan.

Established in 1949, we are focused on kitchen and dining products, and 
we have grown as a trading company that handles products for department stores, specialty stores, and mail order companies.
We also undertake the challenge of new businesses.
With our five pillars: “wholesale business,” “product development business,” “gift business,” “retail business,” and “logistics business,” we make all manner of proposals concerning lifestyle based on kitchen and dining, for a wide variety of customers.
We are also undertaking the challenge of new businesses beyond our current scope.


Sales Pitch

Y-Yacht’s main business is the “wholesale business,” in which we propose MDs and delivers products that meet the needs of retailers nationwide.
Y-Yacht’s greatest strength is our integrated backup system, which covers everything from product procurement to finer details of logistics, including the proposals and development of original products.
A strong product lineup of about 25,000 SKUs
We promptly deliver products from our in-house distribution center, which holds about 25,000 SKUs, including products from famed Japanese and foreign manufacturers.
For both “products” and “software”,
we make proposals speedily according to our customers’ needs.
Domestic procurement, original product development
Following the needs of consumers and lifestyles as they change to match the trends of the times,
Y-Yacht develops and cultivates products and brands both in Japan and overseas.
We continue to provide many manufacturers and brands to the Japanese market and we are using the network we have built to meet a wide range of requests.
Aiming to make catalog gifts that suit modern lifestyles.
Information on catalog gifts
We operate a catalog gift business, with a system that integrates development and selection of products, production and sale of catalogs, and application reception and delivery of products.
In order to adapt to the diversifying gift market, we create various lifestyle scenarios, especially according to the literary calendar and personal needs, and work to discover and list the latest popular products and advanced products that suit the times.

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