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Latest update: 31/05/2023 12:08:12

Shikoukan Co., Ltd.

Superheated steam system, a powerful tool for the upcycling business and SDGs

Our company manufactures, sells, and provides consulting services for equipment and plants related to our core businesses, which are superheated steam, crushing, and emulsification / dispersion technologies. We mainly develop and sell superheated steam generators and related equipment for the dehydration and sterilization foodstuffs.

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Main products
Superheated steam device
We sell plants that do sterilization, dehydration, and baking using superheated steam, which is gaseous water heated to 100˚ C or higher. Our superheated steam equipment uses a gas burner to evaporate water directly instead of using a boiler, so it has extremely low running costs, and its simple structure makes it not prone to breaking down and it is easy to maintain.
Crushing Devices
This crusher crushes substances down to a scale of several tens of microns. Our crusher consists of several connected crushing processors, giving it more processing power. It is easy to clean and easy to operate. It can be used for powdering a wide range of ingredients.
Emulsifying and dispersing equipment
Our emulsifying and dispersing equipment is unique in that it utilizes turbulent flow phenomena. Of course, it has a strong emulsifying and dispersing effect, and samples are supplied at a lower pressure than the conventional method, so power consumption is very small. In addition to food emulsification, it is used for CNT (carbon nanotube) dispersion, drug (supplement) dispersion, and water purification business.

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