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Latest update: 21/06/2022 15:26:15

Soma Blade Co., Ltd.

We excel at hand finishing such as fine deburring, surface roughening, mirror finishing, and other operations that cannot be fully realized by machining.

We were established in 2004 as a polishing plant for blade and vane parts of aircraft jet engines.

Subsequently, we have mainly been performing manual finishing, which is the final process for precision machined products such as aero engine parts and so on. We use grinding wheels and abrasive belts to remove burrs and polish difficult-to-machine materials (nickel alloys, titanium alloys, and stainless steel) for finishing operations.

We receive high evaluations from our customers, especially with regard to quality.

We perform grinding and polishing of aircraft engine parts and automobile engine parts, as well as cutting, grinding, and polishing of various machine parts, which is mainly done by hand with micron-level finishing processing by skilled workers.

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Description of tools and machinery owned
Sandblasting (air blasting)
Equipment for spraying abrasives onto the surface of workpieces to remove surface rust, dirt, burrs, and so on. (Alumina and glass beads are used as the main abrasives.)

Various surface finishes are possible by changing abrasives. The ability to blur scratches on the metal surface makes it possible to have it appear as if the scratches have been erased.
Belt polisher (belt grinding machine)
This machine can efficiently polish a wide area in a single run by rotating a ring-shaped polishing belt.

Various sizes and shapes can be polished by changing the size of the contact wheel.
Double-headed grinder
Two grinding wheels mounted on both ends rotate. By attaching grinding wheels with different grit sizes, the machine can be used efficiently from rough grinding to finishing.

It can be used for removing excess metal and other applications. If a wire wheel or buffing wheel is attached instead of a grinding wheel, it is possible to perform rust removal, metal polishing, and other processing.



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