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Latest update: 21/06/2022 15:26:15

Dainichi Seisakusho Co.,Ltd.

Machining and assembly of industrial parts

We provide machining using machining centers and lathes, as well as assembly of industrial equipment and precision instruments.

We excel at manufacturing high value-added, difficult-to-machine parts.

We have a track record of manufacturing critical and difficult parts for various fields, including aircraft parts, articulated robots, industrial gas turbines, and marine diesel engine parts.

Recently, we have been taking on the challenge of developing innovative production processes, including automation efforts using five-axis machining centers and in-house software development.

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Business contents
1. Support for prototyping and manufacturing processes from the design and development stage with an eye to mass production

We manufacture parts ranging from single-part processing and small lots of about 10 pieces per month to mass production of several hundred pieces per month. Our goal is to incorporate the production technologies we have developed to date, such as control of quality variation in mass production and measures to prevent nonconformance, from the prototype stage. As well as producing good products in a short period of time for prototyping, we believe it is also important to build a manufacturing process that is sufficient to withstand mass production.

2. Support for prototyping, including development

In addition to when drawings are available, we are also willing to work on prototypes from the development stage when the content of the drawings has not yet been finalized. From the stage when it is still unclear whether or not the product can be manufactured, we try to meet the specifications, tolerances, and other details required for the product as a component, while considering a certain level of cost containment. Because we work with prototypes in a variety of fields, we may be able to leverage our knowledge of multiple industries.

3. Support for high-mix low-volume production

We have established a system that allows us to handle single items, small lots, and mass production. We can handle single-part production at the prototype stage, small-lot processing at the start-up stage, and even mass-production processing. Although the production technology and quality assurance required at each stage will differ, we will build an optimal system based on our extensive experience.

4. Quality assurance system

In addition to ISO 9001 certification for our quality management system, we have also acquired JIS Q 9100 certification, an international standard for quality management systems specifically for the aerospace and defense industry. This has strengthened our organizational structure for quality assurance as well as continuous improvement of our operational efficiency. We also emphasize a high level of employee awareness of compliance (legal observance). In addition, we have established a system to accurately flow down quality requirements from customers to our internal quality assurance system, and we have been certified by many large companies.
Our business started with the cutting of metal parts. In response to customer requests, we have expanded our business areas to include the integration of multi-process products and the integrated assembly and production of industrial equipment through partnerships with partner companies in heat treatment, surface treatment, sheet metal, painting, and other areas. 

We are responsible for assembly processes that require high precision. 

For example, the assembly of marine pumps requires accuracy on the order of 1/100, and assembly must be done with the utmost care.

In addition, for quality control of assembly products, we create our own manuals and work standards, pass on skills through video recording of in-house assembly operations, check inspection charts, and so on.
Products and processed products
We have established an integrated in-house system from 3D CAD modeling to programming and simulation using CAM. We are proud of our numerous achievements with impellers and propellers.
New initiatives
Robotic automation
We are introducing robots to solve problems in our own factories, such as labor saving through automation, elimination of manufacturing bottlenecks, and quality improvement.

We sometimes outsource integration to external integrators, but we do as much integration in-house as possible.

In the medium to long term, we expect to consider introducing robots in various situations. While we aim to develop human resources capable of managing projects at that time, we also aim to build a production system that can flexibly respond to changing customer requests and production plans.
Monozukuri craftsmanship software development
We are promoting visualization of our entire factory to optimize operations for the execution of the production plan.

To understand and predict the past, present, and future of a factory in chronological order, it is necessary to integrate and manage the movements of machines, people, and objects on the same time axis.

We have an in-house system development team that explores the image of the factory we are aiming for and develops systems that will help us manage our Monozukuri craftsmanship as a whole.
Special tool development
We also design and develop our own special jigs and tools to improve productivity.

We sometimes develop our own tools when a customer request requires machining that cannot be handled with commercially available tools.

It may be possible to do this by outsourcing, but we believe that designing and manufacturing tools in-house while fine-tuning them to optimize the shape will result in building up solid production technology.

We believe that accumulating knowledge like this will lead to making it possible to respond to new requests from our customers.